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    Sliders Reimagined for the Modern Web

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    Create unique slider transitions using just CSS3

    No more limitations, only creativity

    Make elements...

    • Move
    • Scale
    • Rotate
    • Fade
    • and More!
  • Endless creative possibilities with the modern web in mind...


    with Touch Support

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  • Supported in all modern browsers

    • IE10+
    • Firefox
    • Opera 12+
    • Chrome
    • Safari

    with a fallback theme for browsers that don’t support CSS3 transitions

    • IE9
    • IE8


Sequence.js is a refreshing and modern take on website sliders. Using just HTML and CSS, Sequence allows you to create your own responsive slider with unique transitional styles. No instance of Sequence need ever be the same. There are no limitations and no in-built themes. Supported in modern desktop browsers, mobile browsers and even in old versions of Internet Explorer via a traditional fallback theme.

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No Sequence theme need ever be the same. If you'd like to give yours or the website of your clients an edge, get in touch for an exclusive, custom made Sequence theme. Whether you have a clear direction of how you'd like your theme to look and behave, or none whatsoever, get in touch to make your website stand out.

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