Request support for Sequence.js and Sequence.js Themes

We do not guarantee support for the Sequence.js library or Sequence.js themes but aim to provide it where we can. Customers who have purchased Sequence.js products and follow the Support Guidelines are given priority.

Support Guidelines

Before requesting support, please carefully complete the following steps:

  1. Search issue tracker for similar issues. If you can’t find a solution;
  2. Specify the version number of the Sequence.js library and/or Sequence.js theme where the issue occurrs (you’ll find it toward the top of sequence.js, sequence.min.js, or package.json).
  3. Specify your browser version and operating system (for example, Chrome 35, Windows 8)
  4. Describe the problem in detail. Explain what happened, and what you expected would happen.
  5. Provide a reduced test-case via CodePen, JSBin, JSFiddle, or similar.
  6. If helpful, include a screenshot. Annotate the screenshot for clarity.

Support Form

Customers who have purchased Sequence.js products are given priority

Please include an informative description and link to a reducted-test case